Drew Jarrod


"Drew Jarrod is a gifted writer and musician who has a passion for the Gospel.  He desires to share the Good News of forgiveness in Christ with a world dying in sin.  Drew is committed to his Savior, Jesus Christ." ~Pastor Jim Richter, of The Vine Church, Walker, MI.

Born and raised in Minnesota (where it feels like winter for seven months straight), Drew Jarrod, an American Songwriter specializing in healing music, is no stranger to the "cold shoulder" when it comes to people's smoldering spirits.

After prioritizing family for the last two decades, Drew now has the opportunity to share his craft to a wider audience.  As a stay-at-home Dad to three boys (the oldest graduating college with an AA, majoring in creative writing), and staying married to the same woman for 23 years, Drew is finding the musical landscape (not to mention the world in general) undergoing changes.

"We recorded the 1997 album, At Square One, on an 8-track, reel-to-reel machine. (That means magnetic, analogue, tape - no digital.)  Compact Discs were the new thing then, and a good majority of the world claimed they were Christian.  Now, my kids say I should release all my music on flash drives and a significant portion of the world doesn't know God, and doesn't seem to want to."

"Great Website!  Loads of great stuff!  I like that you put your family first.  So many in the ministry put them on the back burner.  But more than anyone else WE are responsible for their souls and well-being.  It's neat that you are a stay-at-home dad!  That's an inspiration to me." ~Mark Henry, Author, Embers Of A Burning Heart

"Releasing two EPs of original material toward the end of 2022, I hope people will hear God's heart for them (and reconnect with Him).

"Please partner with me as we raise capital to continue this work.  (Two more studio albums are already planned!)  Sign up to the mailing list below for updates on the work that God is continuing.  Looking forward to working together on our Great Commission!" ~Drew