The Story Behind The Song

Here With Me (1994?)

“I used to 'jam' with a friend from high school.  He showed me a song he'd started and wondered if I had any ideas on how to finish it.  I did.

This was always a simple 'I miss you,' country-type song, but my oldest son said he could hear the voice of God calling out to all of us in the lyrics.  'Hello honey, yah, I know it's late.  I just needed to hear your voice tonight...'  I guess God misses us too."  ~Drew Jarrod

Quote” - Drew Jarrod



Here With Me

Drew Jarrod

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This is a final mix of the song (but not yet mastered). If you want to wait until the song is all final (radio-ready), that's fine, but if you just can't wait to hear the song, go ahead and download! (And thank you for your eagerness!)

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