what i see...

Don't Hide Behind The Excuse Of Stereotype 

I think men (and women) too often hide behind the excuse of stereotype... I find it hard to believe that men are THAT insensitive or THAT thoughtless or THAT emotionless... I think it's an excuse to not have to try harder or do the harder work of relationship and love (and MEN are the ones that are supposed to mirror Christ and SHOW other men AND women who God IS!)  This frustrates me to no end.  And women... are NOT brainless or discompassionate... so, then, why do so many seem to play this "role" with men?  We should all live in our own, unique glory that God has given us and just see, and experience, the grace and superior joy this WILL bring.  (I'm confident this is God's way.)

Jesus Does All The Work Of Making Us 

Jesus does all the work to make us into disciples... 
And, as we are being MADE into disciples we make other disciples... 
And, as we make other disciples, we continue to be MADE by Jesus. 
It's a life-long... way of life.

Morality, Only In Your Heart 

Truth is a commodity that everyone seems to possess.  Right and wrong, and the “fine line” separating the moral from the immoral, is what everybody seems to be talking about nowadays.  When does a fact turn fiction?  When does a bias turn to judgment upon the “immoral”?  What is immorality?  Simply a way of life, or, is it a choice, made by the populace, to worship a lesser “god,” (only they don’t know it)?

I believe it is our responsibility to decide what side of the line to stand on.  After all, we must stand for something, because we know that there will always be a line to cross, and that, at times, someone will cross it.  How do we know what that line is?  The answer can only be found within the confines of your heart.  “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” ~Jos. 24:15.